What is 316L stainless steel grade

316L stainless steel grade is an extra-low carbon version of the 316 steel alloy. The lower carbon content in 316L minimizes deleterious carbide precipitation as a result of welding. Consequently, 316L stainless steel grade is used when welding is required in order to ensure maximum corrosion resistance. While similiar to Type 304, both Type 316 and 316L exhibit better corrosion resistance and are stronger and elevated temperatures. They are also both non-hardenable by heat treatment and can be readily formed and drawn. Annealing 316 and 316L stainless steels requires heating to between 1900-2100°F (1038-1149°C) before rapidly quenching.

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Uses of 316L stainless steel grade

316L stainless steel grade is used in Food preparation equipment particularly in chloride environments, Pharmaceuticals, Marine applications, Architectural applications, Medical implants, including pins, screws and orthopaedic implants like total hip and knee replacements, Fasteners, furnace parts, heat exchangers, jet engine
parts, pharmaceutical and photographic equipment, valve and pump parts, chemical processing equipment, tanks, evaporators, as well as pulp, paper and textile processing equipment and any parts exposed to marine environments.

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