What is 409 stainless steel grade

409 stainless steel grade is a general purpose, chromium, titanium stabilized, ferritic stainless steel whose primary application is automotive exhaust systems. It contains 11% chromium which is the minimum amount for the formation of the passive surface film which gives stainless steels their corrosion resistance. It combines good
elevated temperature corrosion resistance with medium strength, good formability, and overall cost. 409 stainless steel grade resists corrosion strongly compared to carbon steel and is used as an alternative to carbon steel in mildly challenging environments where its high resistance to corrosion and high temperature oxidation gives an advantage. It is commonly used in applications where appearance is a secondary quality to mechanical properties and corrosion resistance.

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Uses of 409 stainless steel grade

409 stainless steel grade is used in Automotive exhaust systems, Catalytic converters, Mufflers, Tailpipes, Farm equipment, Structural support and hangers, Transformer cases, Furnace components, Heat exchanger tubing.

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